Relevant Rhetoric

Relevant Rhetoric is a peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to revealing the relevance and significance of rhetoric in our lives.


















Relevant Rhetoric:
A New Journal of Rhetorical Studies

This was a refereed online journal created to publish pieces of academic rhetorical criticism of value not only to academic scholars and historians interested in persuasion, but also to the educated lay-public. The journal sought to further our understanding of and conversation about modern persuasive practices with the largest possible audience.

Our journal emphasized traditional, modernist paradigms to understand the persuasive efforts and effects of texts and other artifacts using classical or contemporary rhetorical theories and traditional methods of evidence based argumentation.

It focused on the broadest range of rhetorical texts and artifacts produced by modern culture. These texts included but were not limited to political rhetoric (both historical and contemporary), popular culture rhetoric--including music, television, movies, editorials, comics, etc.; digital media; the rhetoric of the news; persuasive appeals in advertising and public relations campaigns; organizational rhetoric; and visual rhetoric.

The journal was published and disseminated exclusively online. The writing conventions of the traditional academic journal were altered here to meet the needs of the journal’s broader audience. As an online journal, free of the limitations and expense of paper-bound medium, Relevant Rhetoric: A New Journal of Rhetorical Studies accepted and encouraged authors to include linked photos, video clips, audio clips, web pages, or any other or any other digital media necessary for a thorough and understandable analysis.

Relevant Rhetoric: A New Journal of Rhetorical Studies remains housed in the Department of Communication, Media, and Persuasion at Idaho State University. All submissions were peer-reviewed by members of the Editorial Board.